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I was cleaning out the entertainment armoire the other day, shocker I know, and I came across my old Joe Scruggs Deep In The Jungle DVD.


And once you listen to those songs, you will be singing them for days.


But it’s all good, because who wouldn’t want to sing to this Deep In The Jungle?

If you just clicked on that link you can thank me later on tonight when you’re making dinner and still singing….

“NANNY NANNY BOO BOO you can’t catch us
Even if you wanted to.
NANNY NANNY BOO BOO you can’t catch us

You’re Welcome.



I have a confession.

I wasn’t going to write a Valentine’s Day story for Susanna Leonard Hill’s Third Annual Valentiny Contest. Then I was. Then I wasn’t. Then I did. Then I erased it. I wrote another. It was awful. I ate some chocolate and drank a cup pint of coffee and watched Mr. Scruggs and the jungle animals a few hundred times and things got better.

Until Crocodile showed up.

And then he was oh-so persistent so I had to oblige and put him in the story. He said it was only fair seeing how he was a lonely crocodile now that all the monkeys were gone. (I reminded him this was due to his own inability to control his hunger/anger, but whatever!)


Here it is. My entry into Susanna’s Valentiny Contest.

It’s a valentine theme and includes a hopeful character, both requirements.

It’s 213 words. Because, well, it had to be 214 or less!

It has a Lion, a Flamingo, and of course…Crocodile. He says “Hello!”

He made me say that.

It is also a deliciously dark tale. Crocodile’s favorite kind.



(WC 213, Ages 4-12)

By: Angela Hawkins


Lion lurked one floor up from Flamingo.

One floor separating a hopeful beast from a fetching feathered Ave.

One floor up,

Lion finalized his plan.

One floor up,

Lion strung enticing puffy pink hearts and red ribbon bows.

One floor up,

Lion diced and chopped in famished preparation.

One floor up,

Lion polished his dangerously sharp teeth and styled his whiskers for the feast.

One floor up,

Lion secretly sent the invitation




Flamingo’s heart fluttered as she read the intriguing words…

Please join me for a tasty Valentine’s Dinner!

One floor up.

Love – Your Secret Admirer.

Flamingo flamboyantly fluffed her pink cotton-candy feathers, then hastily skedaddled up the stairs.

One floor up,

Lion keenly waited for his guest to arrive.

One floor up,

Knock! Knock! Knock!

Fierce and starved, Lion flung open the door with a mountainous “Roooaaarrr!”

But instead of a flavorsome Flamingo, an uninvited Crocodile stood licking his chops. “Great crickey, mate!” he snapped. “You nearly frightened the jungle out of me!”

Lion’s tummy whimpered as the last pink cotton-candy feather fell from Crocodile’s nose.

“Oh dear,” burped a remorseful Crocodile. “I fear I have ruined your Valentine’s Day dinner plans.”

“I’ll say!” retorted a rather rankled Flamingo. “Haven’t you two ever thought about just ordering a pizza?”



Well, there ya go! That’s the sort of story you get when you let Crocodile make demands!



Ready for more? Head on over Here for more great contest entries!

Happy, Happy Valentine’s Day! valentinebanner-pink-heart



20 thoughts on “ONE FLOOR UP!”

  1. I’m glad flamingo got a word in edgewise there at the end. And as for that crocodile, I can see that it’s not related to Snappsy the alligator, because Snappsy would never insinuate himself into any book, right? Tasty story! Good luck in the contest!

  2. Nice slow build up of tension and unease as we try to determine Lion’s true intentions. And the Aussie lingo from the Croc is perfect. Good luck with the contest!

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