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FRIDAY FRENZY – Chicken Wants A Nap

Sometimes you just need a nap. I’ve needed one of those for roughly the last seventeen years!


Oh, I’ve had something that resembles a nap, you’ll know it as the comfy-on-the-couch, tucked-in-just-so with a blanket…albeit one that smells oddly like dried baby barf, even though there hasn’t technically been a  baby in the house in a little over six years, unless you count that loss of sanity moment when the dog stepped in poo outside and tracked it through the kitchen because the child that took her out wasn’t paying attention to the dog but rather his phone because of some silly app that apparently had him spinning a wheel for a chance to earn a nickel if he landed on “the blue one” just as he had bet, but a blanket none the less, and you close your eyes just long enough to begin drifting off to a land where a certain scottish highlander whispers the word “Sassenach” in your ear…only that’s not a scottish highlander that you open your eyes to find hovering over you, it’s a seven-year-old rubbing your head with an inflated balloon to see if she can get it to stick to the wall so her brothers can shoot nerf darts at it!

Perhaps it’s not a nap that I need.

Maybe it’s a vacation.

A vacation of naps?

A napcation?

Maybe if I called it a horizontal life pause?


Stat! Pronto! Asap! Pdq! En este minuto!


Chickens don’t need horizontal life pauses, that usually doesn’t end well. But naps? You betcha!

And the Chicken in Tracy Marchini’s spectacular children’s picture book CHICKEN WANTS A NAP, just wants a little bit of shut-eye.


I don’t blame her.

Barnyard life can be quite exhausting!

Not that I’d know about anything like that.

Chicken Wants A Nap



Like what you see here? There’s plenty more where that came from! Head over here Polyvore and here Pinterest …it’s sort of like a nap on coffee, and who doesn’t like the sound of that?

Question:  What would you be willing to do for one good nap? Go a day without makeup? A week without showering? No dessert for a week? Let me know in the comments below, I’d love to hear from you!


Here’s hoping we all get to experience a horizontal life pause in the very near future.

Or at the very least, a blanket that doesn’t smell like dried baby barf!


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