Yiiiipppeeee!!!!!  It’s officially Friday Frenzy! You know what that means….


Some handpicked goodies inspired by one amazing children’s book, A SICK DAY FOR AMOS McGEE by Philip & Erin Stead.


a sick day for amos mcgee cover
Seriously, this book is fantabulous!


I will shamelessly admit that although this particular book was winning awards and praises from all corners of the publishing world, I wouldn’t touch it with a ten foot pole for quite some time….why?


I hate anything to do with being sick and wouldn’t dream of reading a book about someone being sick…that is until I was faced with a pleading 4 yr. old waging all out gonna have a tantrum right here in the middle of the library and you’re gonna face fifty sets of berating eyes because YOU wont let me have the ONLY book I want in the entire fifty thousand square foot library war!


So the book came home with us…


And it stayed with us for the entire 12 week max check out period…they wouldn’t budge on a thirteenth, dang librarians!


We now own this book.  And I adore it.


It is heartfelt.  It is endearing.


And Yes, it does have a hankie and the words runny nose…


But it doesn’t matter.  It is THAT good.



I still hate anything to do with being sick….



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