It’s gonna be stinkin cold up here in the Northeast this Valentine’s weekend and you know what that means right?

No it doesn’t mean that!

I was thinking more along the lines of a warm fire, hot cup of coffee, and a stack of books..oh, and don’t forget the chocolate, because after all, what’s Valentine’s Day without the chocolate? Chicken if you’re reading this…you remembered the dark chocolate right? RIGHT???

You’ll be happy to know that today’s Friday Frenzy inspiration came from a true love story about a boy and his dog. And a dragon is involved. I’m truly in love with this one! I’m not really a dragon kind of girl, but this dragon is R-i-c-o  S-u-a-v-e…

I can’t believe I just said Rico Suave……….

I really am cool I promise.

Oh right..the name of the book.

The Best Pet of All

 It’s David LaRochelle’s  The Best Pet Of All and it is absolutely terrific! Don’t forget to head over to my Pinterest board for even more inspiration.

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