THE FRIDAY FRENZY- even though it’s a Wednesday!

I love children’s books!  I. LOVE. THEM!


Give me a slice of cake and a children’s book and I’m in hog heaven…




A slice?  Who am I kidding? I laugh in the face of a SLICE of cake…And A children’s book? P-L-E-A-S-E.  That sort of thing is for amateurs!


Remember Will Ferrell in ELF?


Yeah, It’s like that with me, cake, and children’s books….


I have been known to assume this exact exceptionally hysterical position in more than a few bakeries and bookstores… Can’t help it…I just love cake and books, they’re my favorite!


And now I want to share that love with you, well for the books at least, Betty Crocker can help you out with the cake…


So here’s the deal…


Every Friday, well lets not get carried away here, SOME Friday’s, I will post a collection of items related to a fabulous children’s book…we’ll call it The Friday Frenzy!


Today’s NOT Friday you say?


Well you’re in luck, this week you get TWO collections, one today and one on


Yippee!! Hooray! Wednesdingo!


Sorry, there’s a birthday tomorrow and this girls got cake and yummy children’s books on the mind!


Sugar Coma will be coming round the mountain any moment now…..


Now, if you find you can’t contain your excitement and you just need to see more, not to worry, just head on over to my Pinterest boards (there’s a button just for clicking on the right side of this blog) and check out the inspiration board for each book featured!


You are welcome!


First Book up….


THE STORM WHALE  by Benji Davies
the storm whale
Seriously ya’ll, RUN to the nearest bookstore and snatch this one up, it is a true delight! Couldn’t you just stare at that beautiful illustration for days?
Head over to my Pinterest Board for more Storm Whale Fun!

Comments/Ideas are always welcome!  I look forward to hearing from you!

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