The Big 7-Mile Move!

What do you do when you retire from 28+ years of military service? You buy a farm, that’s what! This particular one is over 100 yrs. old, sits on 2 1/2 acres, and comes with a big red barn…I am SO in Love!

We of course had to move out of base housing given we were no longer Active Duty, which, for those of you who have followed our journey know, was a historic 230+-year-old home on the shores of The Chesapeake Bay. To say that we were sad to leave would be an understatement. I felt such a connection to that house and I consider it an honor to have been given the opportunity to care for her and learn about her history. Now that I think about it, I suppose we have become a small piece of her history as well, which is incredibly humbling and almost more than I can bear. But, just as summer must give way to fall, so too must we adjust our sails to the ever-changing winds of life.

Those winds have brought us here.

The OldeFarmhouse

To yet another property with a story waiting to be told. We haven’t moved far, less than seven miles as the crow flies, to a little slice of heaven just south of Historic St. Mary’s City. Just to our east lies the Patuxent River, and to our left, the Potomac. Head straight south 7 miles and you hit the waters of The Chesapeake.


It seems like a world away from where we were, and yet, we haven’t really moved far at all. The pace of life out here is so much slower…and I am loving every minute of it! Our drive to town now consists of farmland, manor houses, and eager sailboats swaying on the tides of the scenic St. Mary’s River.

Life is good here.

There is so much that I want to show you…all in good time. For now, I hope that you’ll swing by for a visit via the link below. I’m excited to show you around, sit and stay awhile, won’t you?


Click HERE to see the video!



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  1. Melissa Simpson says:

    I’m so very excited and happy for you. Slow life is good life. Our little village of Cloudcroft takes us back in time as well. Can’t wait to read and see more!!

    1. Thanks, Melissa! I have enjoyed visiting your little place through pictures as well! And you are absolutely right, slow life is the good life for sure!

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