The wall

Have you ever worked really hard at something only to find that you’ve been doing it wrong the entire time? Jeez… I feel like I’ve been banging my head on the wall and just realized that it was getting me nowhere….because it was the WRONG wall! So now I’ve chosen another wall….I’ll let ya know how many times I have to bang my head on this one before I break through! In the mean time……

Does anyone know how to get boys to use a clothes hamper? I have one in everyones bedroom, but I walk by the boys rooms and there the dirty undies and nasty (yes NASTY) socks are laying right next to the bin! This goes for the big boy too….he likes to pile his dirties right next to the bed! If anyone has suggestions on how to remedy this problem I’m open to trying just about anything!

Does anyone know how to get your sweet little 2yr. old daughter to learn that we don’t put our friends into headlocks and drag them to the ground? Apparently the boys have been giving her WWE lessons that I didn’t know about….and poor, sweet Ellie is taking the brunt of it! Seriously…….she took her to the ground!


I’m missing my sanity….if anyone finds it, please send it back to me ASAP….the neighbors are starting to ask questions!

Does anyone know where I can get a Parent’s Guide to first grade? I’ve been helping with homework and We’ve gotten a few wrong! If you just give me a picture of an airplane that looks like it’s taking off, I might just write takeoff instead of jet……how am I supposed to know what answer you’re looking for?

Anyone know how to get rid of a ‘nasty’ couch smell? I’ve tried baking soda, fabreeze, vinegar, fabric softeners…..and it still smells like roadkill!

Here’s a couple of Hawkins funnies for ya….

Beau and Henry were eating lunch and the conversation went something like this….

Beau “You like pig, because you like bacon”!
Henry “I don’t like pig”!
Beau “Bacon is from a pig Henry”!
Henry “You’re such a liar…..Pigs are NOT crunchy”!
Me “Who made this mess”?
Beau “Henry did it”!
Henry “It wasn’t me…I even asked the Magic 8 ball and it said ‘No'”!

My light came on….

Found out my 7 year old has been rubbing MY shower bar soap onto the shower scrubber head! Yeah, the one I scrub the shower floor with….Is it too much that I wiped down (body) with a clorox wipe soon after?

Discovered my 2yr. old has been scrubbing the sink with MY toothbrush….picture me gagging and instantly feeling ill!


Walked in on the 2yr. old rubbing her feet with her brothers deodorant stick….she claimed she needed lotion on her feet!

Walked into the basement to find it smelling like an Irish Spring…..someone decided it would be a good idea to paint the basement floor green with the stuff! Smelled really good, but was a pain in the horses rear to get up!

I was seeing red……We’re talking red hands, red face, red teeth and lips, red arms,
red tummy, red cabinets, red counter….you name it, it was red! What/Who was the culprit? Tiny red plaque tablets from the dentist (I’ll be having a conversation with him soon…he owes me at least a little laughing gas) and a 2 yr. old!

Something I Learned about myself….

I CAN get nailed with a soccer ball while running on the treadmill and not fall off! I can also run, yell and hand out groundings all at the same time too!


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Yikes! That’s a lot of activity to take in!

    1. It’s always like this around here! Quiet time is highly overrated! 🙂 Thanks for reading!

  2. Cathy Hawkins says:

    You are a great mom!!!

    1. Thank You Cathy! I love being their Mom!

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