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Summer is…..

Summer is….. Home-grown Tomatoes.. Ice Cream Trucks… Barefeet.. Night-time baseball games.. Fresh sweet corn… Treats before dinner… Big, bright full moons… Trips to the beach… Futbol de calle…. History lessons and deck scrubbings… Trips to see the waterfalls… Vacations and LOTS of swimming…. And Last.. but not least… […]

It’s a Post, It’s a Post!

Well Crap, I haven’t posted in a week! I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I’ve thought about blogging a lot..every day actually, I just haven’t managed to get anything written! I’ve thought about it during my coffee drinking, news watching, Nora chasing mornings. I’ve thought about it […]

Veggie Doughnuts…what?

While two of my boys have been at soccer camp, this is what Henry, Nora and I have been doing…… Remember how I’m always sneaking in veggies???? Well..I managed to get some in here too! These doughnuts are baked…not fried! I came across this little Cutie and couldn’t […]

I love my garden!

Do I consider myself a gardener? No Do I like to garden? Yes Do I know what I’m doing in the garden? No Do I pretend I know what I’m doing? Yes How big is my garden? I have no idea….I don’t do numbers Do I plant in […]