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The Valentine’s Day Story

Woo-Hoo! It's time for another of Susanna Leonard Hill's  Annual Writing Contests! This time it's a Valentine's Day theme, appropriate for children 12 and under, 214 words or less, and.....wait for it.... . . . Confusion! What the What? I know, me too! Here. Goes. Nothin.   THE VALENTINE’S DAY STORY (WC, 214) BY: Angela Hawkins… Continue reading The Valentine’s Day Story

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Field Trips, Kids & Teachers!

I just had to post about this today..It's too cute! Chicken had gone on a field trip with Beau's class yesterday to a nearby beach where they learn about the ecosystem and the environment that is so unique to the East Coast. The kids of course Love it! Well, today Beau's class wrote Thank- You… Continue reading Field Trips, Kids & Teachers!