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Winter Olympics and Q & A

The Olympics have started…are you watching? I love watching all of the sports, even the ones I don’t understand, like the one where you slide that thingy on the ice and try to make it stop on the bulls eye while commanding two teammates to clean the ice […]

Well Slap Me Silly!

Well slap me silly!   Has it really been 4 months since my last post?  I have no idea how that happened…or didn’t happen! I know I’ve been gone too long because wordpress has changed everything and I can’t figure anything out anymore…well, still! So where have I […]

Sports bum!

When he’s not playing soccer…..he’s pitching…when he’s not pitching…..he’s catching! Ok I have to brag a little now. Samuel pitched last night (no pictures, I was videotaping it), and he did an amazing job! The first inning took less than 2 minutes for his team to make 3 […]

So much to do!

I’ve been so busy lately! I am looking forward to the summer…hopefully things will slow down a bit! Some of the things that have been going on around here….. 100 home-made & decorated owl cookies for Teacher Appreciation week..not to mention the apples & owls bulletin board I […]