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Who here remembers Poochie?                                                             How about those Lovable Shirt Tales?     Maybe you know a little something about a thing called Underoos, or perhaps… Continue reading FRIDAY FRENZY – Strega Nona

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The Valentine’s Day Story

Woo-Hoo! It's time for another of Susanna Leonard Hill's  Annual Writing Contests! This time it's a Valentine's Day theme, appropriate for children 12 and under, 214 words or less, and.....wait for it.... . . . Confusion! What the What? I know, me too! Here. Goes. Nothin.   THE VALENTINE’S DAY STORY (WC, 214) BY: Angela Hawkins… Continue reading The Valentine’s Day Story

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FRIDAY FRENZY- Mercy Watson Goes for a Ride

My teenager just got his driver's permit. Want to know what that looks like? Picture old beat up mini-van complete with smashed in side (thank you drive through car wash), what looks like straight from the hood bullet holes (thank you Maryland road work improvement team), cracked windshield, front license plate dangling from one lone… Continue reading FRIDAY FRENZY- Mercy Watson Goes for a Ride

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The Queen Speaks

Want to know what one of my favorite things is? Well, YES cake is one of them, but.... Look at that stack! Ain't it purty? So many things to love about that great stack!  I mean, have you read The Curious Garden and sat in awe at the inspiring illustrations?  How about Sam & Dave… Continue reading The Queen Speaks

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It’s an Earthquake, No a tornado..wait, I meant a hurricane!!

Ok, so you'd think since I have a blog that I would be techno-savvy right? WRONG!!! I haven't been able to put up any pictures because I had no space on my computer and I didn't know how to delete them and get more room. Well, I kinda knew what to do, but I wanted… Continue reading It’s an Earthquake, No a tornado..wait, I meant a hurricane!!

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Mini stories & Rainbow Cake in a jar!

So I wanted to post this morning, but I couldn't decide what to post about. I mean did you want to hear about how I caught Beau in the kitchen using a gallon jug of milk (half full) as a machine gun? Would you find our trip to IKEA amusing? I'm sure the 'stagers' at… Continue reading Mini stories & Rainbow Cake in a jar!

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Field Trips, Kids & Teachers!

I just had to post about this today..It's too cute! Chicken had gone on a field trip with Beau's class yesterday to a nearby beach where they learn about the ecosystem and the environment that is so unique to the East Coast. The kids of course Love it! Well, today Beau's class wrote Thank- You… Continue reading Field Trips, Kids & Teachers!

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Homemade School/Homework Bags!

Okay, so after a few days of the boys being in school, the piles of papers were beginning to accumulate on my dining room table again! I have tried folders, divided baskets etc. but nothing really worked for us, and it was always something else that needed its own place to sit! Then I came… Continue reading Homemade School/Homework Bags!

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First Day of school & Lemon-Verbena Heaven!

The boys on the first day of school, which was yesterday! They had a great time and were really excited to go. Samuel started a new school yesterday as he was accepted into a new program called STEM. It stands for science, technology, engineering and mathematics. The kids get to do lots of experiments and… Continue reading First Day of school & Lemon-Verbena Heaven!