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Impending Hurricanes!

So what does the morning of an impending hurricane look like? Well… There are cookies being made and Wii being played… There is lots of salsa making using freshly plucked produce from the garden…Please be nice Irene! This is gonna be a HOT one…just the way Chicken likes […]

Exercise and nature

My house has 15 sets of stairs. I know this because I counted them yesterday as I painfully, and slowly, made my way up and down them! Why was it painful? Well…I decided it was time I started working out again..apparently you shouldn’t try to make up for […]


I should’ve been doing housework……but I’d much rather be taking pictures of Nora! Dishes or Nora? Laundry or Nora? Cleaning bathrooms or Nora? Organizing the laundry room or Nora? Baking or Nora? . . . I almost chose baking! Whatchu talkin’ bout Willis? Just kidding…kinda! I did manage […]


Listen to the rhythm of the fallin rain…..I love that Ronnie Milsap song and I love the rain!! Yeah it’s raining! We haven’t had hardly any rain this entire summer and with it being so hot we sure needed it! The boys are a little bummed because now […]