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Post Card Fun!

You just finished off that last box of cereal, your trash is full, and the recycling doesn’t come for two more days…. What on earth do you do with that cereal box? Well you send it to somebody else that’s what! No, not the whole box silly…that would be […]

Lemon Basil & A FREE Giveaway!

Yes I know we’ve done this before but…..Ya’ll know what today is?  Yes smarty pants it is Monday, but it’s also the LAST Monday that I’ll be an UNpublished author…for like the rest of my life!!!!!!  Come next Monday I get to join the club….they aren’t even gonna […]

Linoleum is NOT vinyl!!!

Okay, one would think those working in the flooring industry would know their flooring products right? Well think again! I had a flooring rep out here yesterday and realized I knew the answers to my flooring questions more than he did! You’ll remember I’m getting new kitchen and […]

DIY Flower ribbons!

I wanted to get Nora a cute mobile to hang from her ceiling, but the ones I liked were way too expensive! I decided I’d just have to make something with what I had! My Mom had given Nora the tissue-paper flower kit for Christmas, but I thought […]

Water Works part 2

What’s that? HUH? You know I can’t hear you right? I’ll probably never hear anything again after spending the night in this wind tunnel! They’ve turned on 10 hot air blowers, 4 dehumidifiers and pulled up the flooring in the bathroom, kitchen & (sniff, sniff) the babies room! […]