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Irene’s Destruction!

Yesterday was a day of cleanup! As the sun rose, so did the neighborhood..it didn’t take long for the chainsaws to come out and ‘neighborly love’ to begin… I asked the boys at the dinner table last night what their favorite thing about the hurricane was (I figure […]

The morning after!

So last night kinda looked a lot like this.. and this… and this too… We decided to spend the night down in the unfinished basement…we have a pull out couch down there and we brought down a couple of matresses for the kids. We lost power for a […]

Impending Hurricanes!

So what does the morning of an impending hurricane look like? Well… There are cookies being made and Wii being played… There is lots of salsa making using freshly plucked produce from the garden…Please be nice Irene! This is gonna be a HOT one…just the way Chicken likes […]