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It’s 2021…Time to start planning!

We've been on this road called military life for the past 27 years. Twenty seven YEARS! 2022 will make 28, and yes, I'm including the two years prior to our wedding when Chicken graduated from The United States Naval Academy as we had already been dating for three years at that point! Do you know… Continue reading It’s 2021…Time to start planning!

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O No She Didn’t!

She said what?  She must have been drinking..heavily...otherwise she NEVER would have said that!What did she say?Well....She said Ann Romney, stay at home Mom to 5 boys, had NEVER worked a day in her life!!!!!    I know!  I'm thinking the same thing!  Was she abducted by aliens and her brain was sucked right out of… Continue reading O No She Didn’t!