Maw Maw’s Fantastic Chocolate Pie!

Today is National Pie of my favorite days of the year!  I decided in honor of the pies, I would make my Great Grandmother's (Maw Maw) Fantastic Chocolate Pie! I realize the pie's not perfect, but whoever heard of a perfect 'pretty' homemade pie? One bite of this and I'm sitting in a… Continue reading Maw Maw’s Fantastic Chocolate Pie!

Daily Bliss

Linoleum is NOT vinyl!!!

Okay, one would think those working in the flooring industry would know their flooring products right? Well think again! I had a flooring rep out here yesterday and realized I knew the answers to my flooring questions more than he did! You'll remember I'm getting new kitchen and bathroom floors because of the bathtub leak… Continue reading Linoleum is NOT vinyl!!!