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The good, the bad & we don’t do ugly!

Gosh, It really has been a while since my last post! I'd like to tell you that I've been on a long vacation breathing in fresh mountain air, but its been nothing of the sort! Seems I've picked up a few extra chores here lately as Chicken tore his achilles and Henry broke his ankle...both… Continue reading The good, the bad & we don’t do ugly!


Maw Maw’s Fantastic Chocolate Pie!

Today is National Pie Day...one of my favorite days of the year! ¬†I decided in honor of the pies, I would make my favorite....my Great Grandmother's (Maw Maw) Fantastic Chocolate Pie! I realize the pie's not perfect, but whoever heard of a perfect 'pretty' homemade pie? One bite of this and I'm sitting in a… Continue reading Maw Maw’s Fantastic Chocolate Pie!

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Christmas Joys!

Christmas is such a wonderful time of the year...our sweet baby Jesus was born, the jolly sentimental songs, The Christmas Story on T.V. (you'll shoot your eye out!) and Charlie Brown, snowy clydesdale commercials, cheery houses adorned with lights, nostalgic wrapping paper, friends & family get togethers, Santa Claus and 'ol Rudolph, and as much… Continue reading Christmas Joys!


How Thanksgiving really came to be!

Ya'll I had a conversation with my 6 year old (Henry) last night that made me realize I've had this whole Pilgrim & Thanksgiving thing all wrong! ¬†According to this 6 yr. old 1st grader the story goes something like this....and he must be right because he watched a video about it in school.......Well, first… Continue reading How Thanksgiving really came to be!

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Quit worrying so much…it wont kill em!

You know, as parents we tend to fret about a lot of things....like are we feeding our kids good enough, and if we are, can we afford to do it for very long? I mean really...organic fruits & veggies and Greek Yogurt is no match for that $.98 box of macaroni & Cheese! There's also… Continue reading Quit worrying so much…it wont kill em!

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Road Trip!!!

Ya'll I've got road fat! You know the kind.....the sit on your butt for days as you drive cross country and eat nothing but fried food (it's the rule right?) and munchies for endless miles upon miles kind!! I guess you could call it van arse if you really wanted to get technical! No matter… Continue reading Road Trip!!!