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The wall

Have you ever worked really hard at something only to find that you’ve been doing it wrong the entire time? Jeez… I feel like I’ve been banging my head on the wall and just realized that it was getting me nowhere….because it was the WRONG wall! So now […]

Christmas Joys!

Christmas is such a wonderful time of the year…our sweet baby Jesus was born, the jolly sentimental songs, The Christmas Story on T.V. (you’ll shoot your eye out!) and Charlie Brown, snowy clydesdale commercials, cheery houses adorned with lights, nostalgic wrapping paper, friends & family get togethers, Santa […]

Road Trip!!!

Ya’ll I’ve got road fat! You know the kind…..the sit on your butt for days as you drive cross country and eat nothing but fried food (it’s the rule right?) and munchies for endless miles upon miles kind!! I guess you could call it van arse if you […]