One down!

Henry's tooth.......GONE! He did really well...Someone should have instructed Mom not to watch as they "wiggled" the tooth out though! I'm gonna have dental nightmares for months!!! Five more visits to go...thank goodness the worst one is over first! The best part of the day for the boys? Getting a milkshake in the middle of… Continue reading One down!

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It’s always something!

So you wanna know how my Valentine's Day was? All I can say is It WAS NOT ROMANTIC! Here's how this day played out...... Got Samuel & Beau off to school, dog fed & watered, dishes done, toilets cleaned... Next I just had to feed Henry an early lunch, feed Nora, pack the baby bag… Continue reading It’s always something!

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Yep, it’s a cavity!

So we went to the dentist today... Henry has 3 cavities.... One will even need a cap.... As we were leaving, Henry says "Mom, can I have a cookie when we get home? You said I could have a cookie after the dentist"! There goes my Mother Of The Year Award! Good thing there's always… Continue reading Yep, it’s a cavity!

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Dentist chair here we come!

You know, I am constantly amazed at how many unbelievably crazy things can just pop up out of nowhere! Take tonight for instance... I had Nora in her highchair gumming a toy...poor baby had her 4mo. shots today...and I was serving the boys their dinner, when out of the blue Henry stands up and starts… Continue reading Dentist chair here we come!