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Oh happy day!

Why is it that bad..or in my case just plain weird…things happen when you are right in the middle of something else? I mean, there are 365 days in a year and no matter how you plan, these things have a way of falling..or around here crashing.. onto […]

One down!

Henry’s tooth…….GONE! He did really well…Someone should have instructed Mom not to watch as they “wiggled” the tooth out though! I’m gonna have dental nightmares for months!!! Five more visits to go…thank goodness the worst one is over first! The best part of the day for the boys? […]

Yep, it’s a cavity!

So we went to the dentist today… Henry has 3 cavities…. One will even need a cap…. As we were leaving, Henry says “Mom, can I have a cookie when we get home? You said I could have a cookie after the dentist”! There goes my Mother Of […]