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Butter. That's it, just butter. B.U.T.T.E.R. Did you hear me? B-U-T-T-E-R-! Whatever it is I think I see, becomes a stick of butter to me!   Those commercials were the best weren't they? Tootsie Roll Young 'un, Tootsie Roll.... Butter. Yep! That's a children's book with a nod to Julia (Butter Queen) herself down there,… Continue reading FRIDAY FRENZY – JULIA, CHILD


Maw Maw’s Fantastic Chocolate Pie!

Today is National Pie of my favorite days of the year!  I decided in honor of the pies, I would make my Great Grandmother's (Maw Maw) Fantastic Chocolate Pie! I realize the pie's not perfect, but whoever heard of a perfect 'pretty' homemade pie? One bite of this and I'm sitting in a… Continue reading Maw Maw’s Fantastic Chocolate Pie!

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Veggie Doughnuts…what?

While two of my boys have been at soccer camp, this is what Henry, Nora and I have been doing...... Remember how I'm always sneaking in veggies???? Well..I managed to get some in here too! These doughnuts are baked...not fried! I came across this little Cutie and couldn't resist! It works wonderfully!!! Just what I… Continue reading Veggie Doughnuts…what?


ELK….It’s what’s for dinner!

Remember that Elk meat my parents sent me? Well, after long thought I finally decided what to make so would've been the backstrap had Chicken been home, but he's off gallavanting around Long Island this week...alright, I guess he's probably been busy working, but any trip that leads 5+ miles from this house is… Continue reading ELK….It’s what’s for dinner!


The ‘I just slapped myself they’re so good’ mashed potatoes!

I started with potatoes..washed and skinned them... Boiled them... Oh yee gads, I'm not very good with a camera....look Grandma's cookie jar! Back to the potatoes.... Mmmm.. sour cream, cream cheese & shredded cheddar, little bit of garlic salt.....if this is wrong, I don't wanna be right! All dressed & ready for the party! Dang… Continue reading The ‘I just slapped myself they’re so good’ mashed potatoes!


Scrumptious Scones!

I thought I'd share my favorite scone recipe with you today. I've actually made it for dinner tonight...paired with a salad it's an easy, quick meal, which is what I need on a night like tonight when Dad's gone (gotta love the military) and I've got practices to sit through, and 5 hungry mouths to… Continue reading Scrumptious Scones!


Food Glorious Food!

So you're wondering what I've been doing since my last post? Food and more food that's what! I started the Holidays off with crackers & Nutella..just a couple handfuls mind you, and I've been going strong ever since! Let's see, there's the pecan grandmothers recipe, which I must say I have finally mastered, the… Continue reading Food Glorious Food!