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Veggie Doughnuts…what?

While two of my boys have been at soccer camp, this is what Henry, Nora and I have been doing…… Remember how I’m always sneaking in veggies???? Well..I managed to get some in here too! These doughnuts are baked…not fried! I came across this little Cutie and couldn’t […]

All dressed up?

You know what? I was watching French Food At Home the other day with Laura Calder, and wondered…Why can’t I look like that when I’m cooking in the kitchen? I love her style! She is always wearing some kind of cute sundress and well…quit frankly I’m a bit […]

ELK….It’s what’s for dinner!

Remember that Elk meat my parents sent me? Well, after long thought I finally decided what to make first…..it so would’ve been the backstrap had Chicken been home, but he’s off gallavanting around Long Island this week…alright, I guess he’s probably been busy working, but any trip that […]

Scrumptious Scones!

I thought I’d share my favorite scone recipe with you today. I’ve actually made it for dinner tonight…paired with a salad it’s an easy, quick meal, which is what I need on a night like tonight when Dad’s gone (gotta love the military) and I’ve got practices to […]