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It’s a Post, It’s a Post!

Well Crap, I haven't posted in a week! I don't know what's wrong with me. I've thought about blogging a lot..every day actually, I just haven't managed to get anything written! I've thought about it during my coffee drinking, news watching, Nora chasing mornings. I've thought about it while I sort laundry and determine which… Continue reading It’s a Post, It’s a Post!

Daily Bliss, Kids


WIPEOUT! Where there is a homemade WipeOut course, there will be........ trash talkin & line fightin.... Splash tacklin... Water sloshin.. Baby Watchin.... All around good times! We constructed a pvc pipe water works contraption that hooks up to the waterhose. The kids loved it! I would love to take credit for the idea, but the… Continue reading WIPEOUT!

Daily Bliss, Kids

Easter….a little late!

So I'm a little late on an Easter Picture...oh well, little late than never right? Funniest thing I heard on Easter? All right well here goes..... We were sitting in church, all 6 of us, and about halfway through the service Henry gets up and comes over to me, and in his LOUD voice asks..."When… Continue reading Easter….a little late!


3 outta 4!

Three of the four reasons I don't get anything done around here...... Nora just loves the boys' hair....looks a lot like Samuel had something to do with this...... Aren't they sweet? He said WHAT???? If she's just not the best thing ever! I'm pretty sure "AAAGGGHHHH.....Get her off, Get her off!" were his exact words!!… Continue reading 3 outta 4!


PlayDough cakes!

The other day the boys and I were flipping the channels..looking for sports..and we came across one of those cake decorating competitions, so we watched the last 10 minutes or so...just enough time to see the judging of the cakes! I think the only reason they let me leave it there was due to the… Continue reading PlayDough cakes!