Fish Fry!

The boys fishing at a friends house! We have friends who live on the water and everytime the boys go over there they manage to go fishing..which they love! After this last trip I was given several of the fish they had caught and given instructions (word of […]

Busy, Busy, Busy!!

Oh my gosh have I been busy lately! I think I’m in that nesting stage of pregnancy, too bad that doesn’t last all year long, I might actually have a clean house more often! Anyhow, we decided to move Samuel, my oldest, out of his two younger brothers […]


Listen to the rhythm of the fallin rain…..I love that Ronnie Milsap song and I love the rain!! Yeah it’s raining! We haven’t had hardly any rain this entire summer and with it being so hot we sure needed it! The boys are a little bummed because now […]

Pizza Night!

My youngest, for another month, trying to will himself to take a bite of the grilled pizza we had just made. He gives me such trouble come mealtime! If it’s snacks, then he is hungry, but put a meal in front of him and he wont touch a […]

Summer’s Bounty!

Yeah, hard work is finally paying off! Who doesn’t LOVE homegrown tomatoes? Sprinkled with a little salt, I don’t think it gets much better! Looks like I’ll have to make time for homemade salsa today..YUM! Tonight’s menu? Parmesan couscous with sliced cherry tomatoes, cucumbers and feta cheese! I […]