Friday Frenzy: The Unwelcome Surprise

It’s Friday Frenzy Day and you know what that means…

Another picture book showcase and ramblings from yours truly.

You like my ramblings, right?

I mean, you do need to know that these ornery wasps keep finding their way into my kitchen, right?

And that the best way to handle the situation is to spray them with my cleaning solution to disorient them and then whack them with my chancla. You needed to know that, right?

That reminds me…I need new chancla’s! The dog ate my good pair and chewed the straps off my backups!

And I know you are dying to hear that ever since I made my first batch of homemade chocolate croissants all I can think about is chocolate croissants!

Anybody want to spring for new stretchy pants?

Also, what the heck is living under my patio? The darn dog keeps digging as if she’s been hired by Diggers R US with the promise of all you can eat doggie bones if she makes it to China!

Yes, I know you can’t dig to China.

Be honest, you DID try when you were a kid though, didn’t ya?

Just me?

Moving right along..

Who here likes surprises?

How about Unwelcome Surprises?

This newly published children’s picture book, The Unwelcome Surprise, written & illustrated by Olga Herrera will have you relishing unwelcome surprises in no time!

This delightful story is about a beloved dog. A beloved dog named Bongo, who is living his best life until, you guessed it, an unwelcome surprise shows up!

One minute he’s king of his castle, and the next some stinky, monstrous new thing shows up for no good reason at all and puts a kink in his leash! And let’s be honest, when there’s a kink in your leash you might be inclined to do some pretty uncharacteristic things.

What is this most unwelcome surprise that shows up to rain on Bongo’s parade you ask? Well, it requires endless feedings, has been known to cause loss of sleep, and it demands lots and lots of diapers! That’s all I’m gonna say, no spoilers here!

Except that you must know, all ends well for Bongo. After all, unwelcome surprises can sometimes be the best surprises of all!

Below is the curated collage of goodies inspired by this fun read. Aren’t those dog balloons just the cutest? Maybe if I promised my pup bubbles to chase from a rubber ducky wand, she’d forget about her back patio escapades…

Seriously folks, such an adorable book! See for yourself, won’t you?

For more information about the author and the real-life Bongo (did I forget to mention Bongo is a real dog, like, in the flesh, give a dog a bone, real?) click HERE.

To snag a copy of your own The Unwelcome Surprise, click HERE & HERE.

For more Bongo and The Unwelcome Surprise inspiration head over to Pinterest by clicking HERE.

I Hope you all have a wonderful weekend, friends! Maybe you’ll get lucky and find a chocolate croissant to inhale eat, and maybe even a fun little surprise or two.

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