It’s 2021…Time to start planning!

We’ve been on this road called military life for the past 27 years. Twenty seven YEARS!

2022 will make 28, and yes, I’m including the two years prior to our wedding when Chicken graduated from The United States Naval Academy as we had already been dating for three years at that point!

Do you know what comes after 28 years of military life?


Wanna know what that means to a lifetime military family?

Civilian Life. EEK!

For the first time in twenty eight years, we get to CHOOSE where we are going to live. Or in our case as we live in base housing, a beloved historic 1770’s built colonial home mind you, we HAVE to choose where we are going to live because the Navy won’t go along with my idea of staying and remaining permanent resident and caretaker of this ‘ol place!

I. Can’t. Even.

Ya’ll, how do we do that, choose?

Where are we looking? Where are we not looking would be an easier question!

I love the mountains. I love open spaces. I want to plant BIG gardens…like, all of the veggies, fruits, herbs, and flowers… and maybe even the kitchen sink, ya know?

I want a barn. I really, really, really want a donkey. Stop laughing. Did you know that donkeys are darn good guard-dogs? Guards-men? Guard-donkeys? And don’t forget the chickens and maybe a jersey cow or a sheep or two!

I want an old house. Nothing shiny and new for me por favor!

I want four seasons. I NEED four seasons!

Trees. I MUST have trees.

I love cool, crisp air…I am also, always cold! I think I need therapy, ha!

I like quaint towns, not big cities.

I have been exceptionally spoiled living here on the waters of The Chesapeake for the past two years. And crazy as it sounds (I’ve always disliked the water…I know, Navy!) I have come to love these particular waters. Boats. Crabbing. Fishing. I love listening to the bald eagle conversations on the rocks out back (George & Louisa are now our good friends!) and watching the storms roll in, the red sunrises and pink sunsets. The fighter jets flying over the house and knocking pictures off my walls has just been a bonus! And I’m hoping with everything that I have…that we didn’t peak too soon, ya know?

Please tell me we didn’t peak too soon…P-L-E-A-S-E…say IT!

Four kids. I have four kids to think about. Samuel is set for the moment in Pennsylvania attending college and playing soccer. Beau will graduate High school 2022, the same month we will retire, not sure where he’ll be after that but you can bet it’s going to include soccer, more on that a bit later. Henry will still have two years of high school left when we retire. Does that mean we stay here for him to finish? He, like his brothers, wants to play soccer in college, which means he needs to have a good place to be playing in order to “get there.” Nora. Nora will be headed to middle school in 2023. Obviously, I have to consider where she’d be going to school as well.

Family. I can’t even begin to tell you how crazy good it would be to move closer to family. Family is in New Mexico, Colorado, and Texas, in case you were wondering. A Christmas Eve get-together? Easter Sunday Dinner? Championship Game entourage? Help fixing a broken washing machine or the planting of all the things (wink-wink!)?

I just can’t even imagine what that would be like.

My Best friend in the whole wide world lives here in Southern Maryland. We met at our husband’s first duty station back in Oak Harbor, Washington on Whidbey Island. She grew up in Pennsylvania. I grew up in New Mexico. We picked out the same wedding invitations and silverware sets before we even knew each other existed! I NEED her in my life!

I need a plan. I am a planner! I know what you’re thinking, how does someone who had to move her wedding up six months to be married in only a few short weeks because of a change in Naval Orders end up being a planner? Honestly, I have no idea! Maybe it’s the 7+ month long deployments that cause it. Or Perhaps the change of duty station every couple of years? Having a baby while your husband is away on duty? Whatever caused it, I definitely have it…planneritis! And that’s why I’m enlisting your help. I MUST figure this out!

Where are we going to live come June 2022? Here? There?


I’m taking any and all suggestions.

Give me your thoughts. Your ideas. Your two cents.

I’m ready to start planning!

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  1. Dianna says:

    We live in southeast Virginia (I’ve never lived more than about 25 miles of my childhood home), but we LOVE the little town of Cape Charles on the Eastern Shore. But, that might not fit well with all the other wants/needs that you have. I’m sure you’ll settle on the perfect place. How exciting this year will be for all of you!!

    1. Hi Dianna! I love Virginia! If family was closer, Virginia just might be the place! 🙂

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