FRIDAY FRENZY- Wimbley the Wonder Boy

Ya’ll know I love children’s picture books. I love writing them. I love reading them. I love oogling (is that a word?) over the amazing art in them. They just make me happy.

But it has been a while since I posted a Friday Frenzy featuring a picture book. Why? Because wouldn’t you know the company I was using to make the product collages for the picture books sold out to another company, and in doing so, I lost the work I had done and the ability to make those collages I so dearly love to make.


But…my kids taught me how to make those collages using a different program, hurray! It’s not exactly the same as before as the links to the products are now listed below the collage rather than embedded directly into the picture, but it’ll do.

I present to you…A Wimbley collage!

Black & white floor rugSolar System mobile, Black spectaclesBlue striped sweater, Berry lollipops, Red & White striped houseshoesLondon wall mural, Milk carton memo pads, Blue ceramic house necklace, Crayola crayonsPersonalized pet pillowVintage red telephone

Just click on any of the products below the collage and you’ll be directed to the site where you can purchase or view (if it’s a craft) the product! Of course, you can still buy my book, Wimbley the Wonder Boy, Here (Wal Mart) Here (Amazon) Here (Barnes&Noble) and Here (Xist Publishing)

And just like before, I made a Pinterest Board inspired by the book as well..


Do you have a favorite picture book?

What was the last picture book that you read?

And just out of curiosity, how many pizzas do you think it takes to fill up three teenage boys? (It is NOT two, I’ll tell ya that much right now!)




Nora and I went foraging. We scooped up some moss and wild pansies to plant in our shaded window boxes. I love free garden materials!


What’s everybody doing this weekend?

Staying home?

I was going to plant some veggie starts in the garden but I saw we might get an overnight frost this coming week so I guess I’ll be waiting it out a few more days.

I think.

It’s too early, right?


Want to know what goes good with the weekends?

Sugar toasted pecans.


Here’s how to make these sweet morsels of bliss…

  1. Melt 2 Tbs butter in saucepan
  2. Throw in a handful of pecans from your Mama’s backyard
  3. Dash of salt
  4. 1-2 Tbs of sugar
  5. Stir together in pan just until lightly toasted. Stir. Stir. Stir. (Pecans will burn easily if you’re not careful)
  6. Dump onto a plate to cool
  7. Inhale

These are obviously great by the handfuls, or you can add them to salads, breads, desserts etc.  One of my favorites is to toss them in with Romaine Lettuce, grilled shredded chicken, diced apples, bleu cheese, and toss with a balsamic vinaigrette dressing.

So, so Good!

And since we are all staying at home, how about one of the best songs ever made about Home…


Hope you all have a wonderful Easter weekend!





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