Plot Twist!

Happy Friday ya’ll!

Anybody else having to look at the calendar just to be certain of what day it is? I must say, without the hustle and bustle of early morning lunch packing and school drop off’s my days have become a bit muddled, which I honestly don’t mind. Actually, I am enjoying them immensely.

Tell me, if we were to hop into Dr. Emmett L. Brown’s DeLorean time machine and go back three weeks or so, where would you find your former self? Would you be wishing you were someplace else? Would that ‘someplace else’ look a lot like Home?

Funny how the grass is always greener on the other side, even if it is the other side of three weeks or so.

I say, forget about wishing where you’d rather be, and enjoy where you are TODAY. Sure, today might look a lot different than what you’d pictured in your head, but isn’t it always the plot twists that make for the best of stories?

For me, having more time at home means bigger gardens…and I’ve had lots of young, strong hands to help, yay! We’ve had more time to facetime family back home in New Mexico,  cleaned out the garage and most of the closets…although I’m still trying to build up the courage to attempt the biggest closet of all; the one we’ve been tossing everything into that we didn’t know what to do with since we moved into this house last year! Game nights have been more plentiful, and dinners have been more elaborate and enjoyable.

Sound familiar?

I’d love to hear what you’ve done with your ‘plot twist.’  Have you had more time to plant some seeds and watch them grow? Did you finally finish that book you’ve had stashed away in the to-be-read pile for the last six months? Dined by candlelight? Game night? Star gazing? Learn a new language? Try a new recipe? Whatever it might be, I really would love to hear about it.

And since I can’t have you all over for an evening by the sea, here’s a video short instead… And yes it ends abruptly because I still can’t figure out how to work all this technical stuff! Perhaps I should be working on that during this extra down time, ha!


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