Who knew? The 80’s, That’s Who.




Ya’ll ever look back at 80’s song titles and realize how they could narrate your life today?

For instance, Living In A Box takes on a whole new meaning now doesn’t it? Or how about Searching…because seriously, who hasn’t been searching for that coveted roll of bum-wipes? Which in turn leaves us all wondering, How Am I Supposed To Live Without You? 

No seriously, HOW???


At first you have the Eye Of the Tiger and think, come on Corona, Take On Me, but now you’re in the please don’t Take My Breath Away club!

Time After Time they tell us there is no such thing as too much handwashing…Never Too Much they say! I’ve washed my hands so many times that now just turning on the water makes me want to Shout!

Somebody coughs and your first thought is Touch Me and your about to have some Broken Wings!

You hear there is a possibility the grocer restocked the bum-wipes and you wonder…Should I stay or Should I go?


You make said grocery trip and realize it was a Bad idea as you are on the Road To Nowhere because the bum-wipes fiasco is A Never Ending Story. Perhaps you should just Run To the Hills, or tell the world you are Going Underground.

Under Pressure, the Governor tells us all to have a little Patience as he shuts down the state and everything becomes a Ghost Town. Which is totally fine as the 80’s taught us who to call in Thriller times like these…Ghostbusters!


Teachers everywhere are saying Welcome To the Jungle as you now become Teacher-Mom and have to teach Common Core math. Realizing this is worse than Ice Ice Baby you wonder What Have I Done To Deserve This?  Stop chuckling teachers, it ain’t that funny!

Oh, Sweet Child O’ Mine, you might think you are Walking On Sunshine, but trust me, it’s more like I Walk The Line! And No, Express Yourself does not mean you can use the nail polish you found at the back of your closet as wall paint!

The Temptation to consume all the chocolate and Red, Red Wine hidden away at the back of the pantry is gettin’ real, and your children have nothing but Hungry Eyes! You have no idea what day it is, Everyday Is Like Sunday, and you are hanging on by a thread for that One Moment In Time When Doves Cry signaling The Final Countdown for us to get Back To Life, Hallelujah! 



Your husband finds bum-wipes…It’s a Total Eclipse of the Heart!   Girl, You Know It’s True.

House Of Fun? Yes.

Livin On A Prayer? Yes.

Don’t Worry, Be Happy.



Need to talk? I’ll Be There For You. Faithfully.

And Don’t Stop Believin ya’ll, because remember….

We Built This City! 



See what I mean? we live in an 80’s narrated life.



Don’t You (Forget About Me) amidst all this chaos!

Wanna give a listen to some great 80’s hits? Click on the link below and Pump Up The Jam!

Here ya go…80’s Hits

You’re welcome.








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  1. Diana Riley says:

    Great job, Angie!

  2. Limey Riley says:

    Go fishing 🦂🕶😁

    Sent from my iPhone

    1. Crab season opens April 1st. We will begin casting the fishing lines and tossing out the pods very soon!

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