Turn Back Time

I found an old blog post that I wrote about two years ago that for some reason I never got around to actually posting!

It made me chuckle. Now it’s your turn…


We took the kids to watch the Navy’s Blue Angels last week. Those guys are air-studs for sure.

Courageous and Brave.

That’s what I think about myself everytime I clean toilets. I mean let’s be honest shall we?  You and I both know what just one male (sorry guys!) can do to a bathroom, but multiply that times 4 and when bathroom cleaning day rolls around I find myself wishing I had one of those Navy issued blue jumpsuits and a hazmat mask.

It ain’t right ya’ll.  It. Ain’t. Right.


Our air conditioner went on the fritz again. We got the hairbrained idea that we’d save money and just go sans central air for the summer.

Someone should really stop me from making these stupid decisions. We spent the last three weeks lying in bed at night with wet washcloths plastered to our bodies and personal fans doing nothing more than whispering how ignorant our decision to live like those in ‘the olden days’ was.

I counted ice cubes in my sleep. They melted along with my dreams of low electricity bills.

It ain’t right ya’ll.   It. Ain’t. Right.

I bet I know what she was writing!

You know what three weeks in sweltering heat and humidity will do to you? Make you understand the need for good underwear, that’s what!

The root of all happiness lies in good underwear. True Story.

Air conditioning and good underwear…it’s where all the happiest of stories begin!


Do you have frogs where you live? They are thick as steel cut oats in these parts. I don’t mind listening to their songs all night long. I don’t mind their eating all the bugs on my front porch. But what I can’t handle is them jumping at me when I take the dog out to do her business at night! Good-lawd somebody’s gonna have a heart attack one of these days. They’ve got me so freaked out that I jump and act like I’ve been attacked by a blind purple people eater when I feel even the slightest touch on my leg…it was my nightgown, thank you very much.

It ain’t right ya’ll.  It. Ain’t. Right.



And that’s it! That’s where the blog post ends. I suppose that’s why It never got posted…until Now.

Need something a little more up-to-date?

How about a few photos of the cold front that moved in two days ago? We dropped twenty+ degrees in a matter of hours, proving once again that good undies, in this case a nice Scottish flannel, is of the utmost importance!


And one last thing, since we are talking about undies…who knew that Fruit of the Loom had such lovely logos back in the day? I’d wear just about anything with one of those 1927 labels!


Which one is your favorite? Come on, don’t be shy! We NEED to get to know one another better. And it is totally not weird in any way to be picking a favorite unmentionables label.

Not. Weird. At. All.

We can still be friends, right?



2 Comments Add yours

  1. jeanjames926 says:

    I have shared a bathroom with five brothers, and now I’m living in a house with two sons, and a husband…maybe outhouses will make a comeback! As far as the Fruit of the Loom, I’m voting for 1927!

    1. Oh my goodness that’s a lot of bathroom sharing! Here’s hoping you make it out alive! 😉 And yay! for 1927. 💛

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