It’s Halloween again, yay for candy!  Er…I mean costumes!!!

And of course I can’t break tradition an NOT write a Halloween story for entry into Susanna Leonard Hill’s Halloweensie Contest.

I don’t break tradition.

Though I didn’t put up my Halloween decor this year, so I guess that I do. What I meant to say was…I TRY not to break tradition.

Are we good? Great!

Alright here are the details:

*100 words or less, must include the words potion, cobweb & trick, and it must be aimed at children 12 or below.


Did you know that a tiger spider is a real thing? Well of course you did, doesn’t everyone? But do you know how it came to be? Well of course you don’t, because I am just getting around to telling you that story, ha!

Go on! Find out for yourself. It’s absolutely scientific! Well, it’s absolutely Halloweensie anyhow.




By, Angela (Angie) Hawkins


Zebra’s Halloween Bash was in full swing, but Tiger was not invited.

So instead…

Tiger paced, and he chuffed, and he pawed.

And then he had a terrific idea.

Flipping through a book called Potions and Such,

Tiger turned himself into a striped equid named Trix.

Prancing inside he beamed with pride, for they’d never guess this guest was their foe.

But Tiger had picked the ‘shrooms a bit late, which meant that the potion would change back at eight… kinda.

Dong! Dong! Dong!

Now forever spinning a cobwebby tale,

Tiger cautions the dangers of a Halloween spell.



See? Totally scientific!

Now, about that Halloween Costume throwback thing. I thought I’d show you some of our Best of the Best throughout the years. We never do store bought…that’s too easy! Anyone that really knows me, knows that I don’t have an Easy Button! I like a good challenge. And apparently last minute costume challenges love me, to which I say, Game On!



Would love to hear which ones are your favorites, perhaps even show me one of yours in the comments below!



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Nancy Riley says:

    Poor Tiger, maybe someone or something will come along to help him change back! Good luck!

  2. I do hope the potion wears off at some point! Good luck!

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