Our New-Old-Farmhouse!

You’re back, yay! Ready to see the inside of our new-old-farmhouse?

Great! But first, why don’t you grab a few boxes and help a girl out, ha!

Too bad it doesn’t work like that.

Want to hear a funny story? It goes like this…

It was a dark and windy night (I’m afraid of the dark!), and yours truly was moving boxes into the new-old-farmhouse just hours upon receiving the keys. I had my feisty 8yr. old (who is not afraid of the dark!), with me. Having brought in all the boxes I was tired and ready to head back home (the old one; the one I’m going to miss dearly) only I couldn’t find Nora! That house is BIG ya’ll!  Now Imagine me walking through the dark (Eek!) house calling for her and, so as to add extra oomph! to her little trick, she was not answering me. Flip on a light you say? Oh sure, that’d be easy if you knew where the stinking light switches were located…old farmhouse, remember? So there I was, in a dark new-old-farmhouse, and I had lost my 8 yr. old…

That is until she flings the little half-door next to me wide open with a bang and dances out into the dark laughing hysterically!


I. About. Died!

And I am now the new spokesperson for Depends!

Funny, right?

Give me a minute as I try to pry my eyes from the back of my skull!




Ok, ok, enough of the chit-chat, I know you’re itching to see these photos.

And, here ya go… Oh, and if you click on the photos, most of them are labeled or have a bit of info. with them!


Do you love it?

There are definitely some quirks, but I love that about it!

Have a favorite room? Favorite quirk?

I’d love to hear about it in the comments below!

Would you want to see more pics of the house as we get it put-together?

Want to watch as I plant the vegetable and flower beds…and the potager?

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

Now, off to start loading more boxes…wish me luck!


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