Today is THE Day!

Today is the day! It’s Get-the-Keys-to-our-new-Old-house day!

And not just any old house mind you, a beautiful HISTORIC farmhouse that sits right on the water!

It. Is. Gorgeous!

And it’s on base.

On the water.


And I can’t believe they’re letting us live there.

And it’s on the WATER!

Want to see it? Of course you do, why else would you be here?

Did I mention it’s historic?


And on the water?



Did you notice the one little birdie on that wire? So fitting don’t you think?



Is this begging for a potager garden or what?


I pledge to never spend too much time on that lawn being lazy and reading all the books. Oh wait! No I don’t, ha! 🙂



Can’t wait for Spring, there are tons of bulbs buried in that dirt! Be still my heart!


Soooo….what d’ya think?

You want to see the inside don’t ya?

Well of course you do, but you will have to come back tomorrow for that tour! And I will be posting more about the house from time to time, so if you want to follow along and don’t want to miss anything, be sure to click the Follow tab over on the right side of this page. I can’t wait to show you around!

In the meantime, I’m off to pick up the keys to my new-old-house, yay!







2 Comments Add yours

  1. Dianna says:

    So beautiful! Can’t wait to see the interior.

    1. Thanks Dianna! Can’t wait to share more of it with you!

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