Mama’s Mint Limeade




I may have gone overboard with the mint this year. I planted sweet peppermint and chocolate mint. And then I tossed out some miscellaneous mint I found hidden in my seed stash.

And guess what?

I got minted ya’ll, and I liked it!

Well, technically I’m still getting minted, probably will be for quite some time, and all I can think is…maybe I should plant more mint!


I know that look. You think I’m crazy. Loco in la cabeza. But you guuuyyysss, this stuff smells soooooo good. And you can use it for all sorts of things like, tick-mosquito-mice-spider warfare, homemade lotions and tonics, floor cleaners and air freshener, breath equalizer, stress reliever, headache helper, sole/soul soother…and so much more!


One of my favorite things to do with my mint is dry it and use it in my baking and cooking. I never knew how good herbs could really be until I grew and dried my own. Now I want to have their babies!

Just kidding.

Dont judge!

This little recipe I’m going to share with you is so easy a 7 year old could do it. If you’d let her. But you wont because it smells so good while you’re making it you’ll consider it your stress therapy. Probably. Not that I’d know anything about that.

Don’t judge!




3/4 C. Sugar

2Tbs. dried mint leaves

1/2 C. Lime Juice (I like Nellie & Joe’s)

4 C. more/less water



Blend sugar and dried mint leaves in a small blender or grinder until grain is very fine. Heat, just to boiling, 1 C. water and then add sugar & mint mixture, stirring until dissolved. Add lime juice and the rest of the water. Stir well and refrigerate until chilled.

*Use more or less lime juice/water to taste. (I prefer mine on the tangy side.)

Ya’ll, I’m telling you, this is a little sip of heaven. And…you want in on a little secret tip? Dip your finger (like when you were a kid) into that fine mint sugar before you mix it in the hot water and taste that loveliness. Holy, Holy, Heaven!!!

Voila! You’ve been minted.










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