Every once in a while I come across an illustration that I just fall in love with. This sweet little piece I found a couple of years ago on Etsy, and I don’t know if it’s the green (my favorite color) or the raindrops (I love rain), or the yellow umbrella, or the cutest little rainhat I’ve ever seen, but I LOVE it so much! Come to find out, this little darling belonged to Miss Sarah Jane And you know what? I adored everything in her store.



Fast Forward a couple of years, at least I think it was a couple of years, you know I can’t really be certain for there’s been a lot of life exploding all over the place around here and I can’t even remember what I fed my kids for dinner last night, which reminds me, I’d better set out some meat or they aren’t getting much of anything tonight unless I can talk Chicken into take-out, on second thought…meat?  What meat?

Oops! Sorry, we were supposed to be fast forwarding…

Ok, so you’ve fast forwarded several months, or twenty-four, or more, seriously who’s counting? and ya’ll, now the girl’s ( Sarah Jane ) got wallpaper, and fabric, and embroidery, and jewelry, and…


Did you hear me?

She has BOOKS!

I like books. I like them a lot. Especially the kind where everything is a little bit over the top! And fancy. And reader-y. And WILD. And bubbly. And fort-y. And Positively perfect! And…

Meet Lola.

She is Kenneth (husband) and Sarah Jane Wright’s newest addition, and boy is she something! She is full of creativity, and energy, and ideas, ideas, ideas!

She reminds me of my own ‘little bit much.’

The artwork in this book is fantabulous! Simply wonderful. And Kenneth didn’t do such a bad job himself!

Go check this one out, you will NOT be disappointed. And clearly, if you’re anything like Lola Dutch (or Yours Truly), you won’t want to miss the Pinterest inspiration board, So much cuteness!

Oh, and don’t forget to head over here to meet Lola and the gang. They have pins. Not the kind you write with, but the kind your Grandma wore on her chest. As a sign of modesty. But you can pin yours on a hat. Or a bookbag. Or your hair bow. Or your bookmark. Or on your chest. As a sign of bursting creativity. Yes, you should do that. I think Lola would approve.

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