Analyze This!



Any good at analyzing dreams?

Yes? Great! Here ya go, analyze this…

What does it mean when you dream you’re part of the Trump team, it’s inauguration day, you run into Kung Fu Fighters just after watching your vehicle blow up (it was your dream vintage Land Rover), and you realize, as you’re sitting in front of thousands of people, that you’re wearing a short mini skirt, which is weird because when you left the house you were wearing a pantsuit, and you haven’t shaved your legs in weeks and the small tundra growing on  your legs is front and center for all to see?


No, I didn’t use Cedarwood essential oil before bed…last time I did that I saw a clown in my dreams and THAT is never happening again let me tell you!

I used Gentle Baby.

Stop laughing!

Seriously, stop it!

Is it weird that the worst part of that dream is that I was wearing a pantsuit and then a miniskirt? Ya’ll know that neither one of those things is ever going down in real life, right? I mean, how can you fight Kung Fu Fighters dressed like that?

Shall I go ahead and reserve that spot at the Funny Farm so I’ll be sure to get the window side of the room?



Just got off the phone with them, they said I’ve been booked for a while now…



Commence Dream Analysis…

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