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Halloweensie Contest, The Little Green Witch , and How do you go out for a pumpkin and come back with a puppy?…Yep, it’s FRIDAY FRENZY!

You know what Halloween brings, right?



Yesiree, it’s time for another round of SLH’s Annual Halloweensie Contest!

No, not SJP, we aren’t sexing anything in the city today! Nope, not SNL either, but you are getting closer!


I’m talking about SLH…the one and only, Susanna Leonard Hill, author of the fabulous newly released books When Your Lion Needs A Bath and When Your Elephant Has The Sniffles. Oh, and don’t forget about the chocolate. SLH loves her some choc-o-lat-eh!


Speaking of chocolate, what kind of Halloween candy buyer are  you? I mean, do you buy the good stuff that pegs your house as THE ONE that gives out the best treats, or are you the kind that heads to the Dollar Store for cheap bags of foil covered impersonators?


I must admit, I’m a bit of both. It usually goes a little something like this…


Head to Target. Find the candy. Break out into a cold sweat at the $50,000 price tag on those crinkly bags of heaven. Buy one bag for myself…just for a teeny tiny taste. Head to dollar store. Welcome those cheaper-than-dirt impersonators into my cart. Head for home. Inhale half of my bag of what must be diamond encrusted candy and enjoy every two minutes of it. Stash the other half in the back of the laundry room (ain’t nobody else in this house gonna go look in there!).


Sounds familiar, no?


Alright, back to SLH and her spooktacular (see what I did there?) Halloweensie Contest. This time around, the stories had to be 100 words or less, include the words shadow, monster, and candy corn, and had to have a true Halloween theme going on.


Easy, right?


No problemo!


What follows is what a bag of  overpriced chocolate produces in the story department… Hope you like it!


instagram-00012_originalHALLOWEEN SURPRISE!

(WC, 98)

Gorgonzolomew is a one eyed, three horned monster. His hair is long and gnarly, and his breath smells like burnt cauliflower. On occasion, he even burps from his be-hind!

On Halloween night, one eyed, three horned monsters hide beneath the beds of unsuspecting children. They love bellies full of tasty candy corn.

Oh no! Gorgonzolomew is hiding in the shadows beneath Genny’s bed. And here comes Genny!

She has been trick or treating!

She has been eating candy corn!

She is unsuspecting!

She is…unzipping her costume?

Genny gives a sneaky one eyed wink…and a burnt cauliflower burp from her be-hind!




You want to read more great entries?


Here ya go: Susanna Leonard Hill  Head on over to the SLH blog and read to your little heart’s content! If this doesn’t give you some Halloween feel-goods, then you need more chocolate my friend. Ha!


Still not enough Halloweensie for ya?


Then check out Barbara Barbieri McGrath’s picture book The Little Green Witch!


I absolutely love it! You know the old story about The Little Red Hen? This is a Halloween take on that beloved childhood classic.  It’s little. It’s green. It’s witchy! It pairs great with a bit of chocolate from the back of the laundry room!


Get your Halloween on with these The Little Green Witch inspired Pinterest finds. But why stop there when you can head over here Polyvore!

Seriously, it’s like an orange pinata filled with Halloween treats and YOU get to bust it!

That’d totally be fun, am I right?


Oh, I almost forgot.


We went out for a pumpkin.

image   image




We came back with a puppy.

 Happy Friday Frenzy!

The End.


36 thoughts on “Halloweensie Contest, The Little Green Witch , and How do you go out for a pumpkin and come back with a puppy?…Yep, it’s FRIDAY FRENZY!”

  1. Liked the details and how you built up suspense, nice surprise when Genny turned out monstrous too! (And I’m so the diamond-crusted candy shopper (because I too end up eating most of it, hehehe)

  2. I don’t know which character I like more! Gorgonzolomew is fantastic, but I love Genny’s sassiness with that sneaky wink. Great suspense and very funny!

  3. Hahaha! You made me laugh out loud, Angie! Great ending! My approach to Halloween candy shopping is to buy a bag of the tiny fun-sized snickers bars because, since they’re tiny, they have no calories 🙂 And your puppy is SO CUTE! Thanks so much for a fun story and post, and for joining in on Halloweensie!

    1. Yay! The goal was a surprise, giggle-producing, ending!!! 🙂 And yes, you are correct, those tiny fun-sized bags of candy contain NO calories…hence the “Fun Size!” Thanks again for such a wonderful writing contest, I look forward to it every year!

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