Picture Book Summit, Baby!

Want to know a little secret?

I’ve got goals. Big, lofty goals.

And you know what else?

Walt Disney once said, “The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.”

So that’s what I did.

Two years ago I took a big step in the ‘doing’ part of reaching my writing goals.

I attended my first ever writers summit. Picture Book Summit to be exact.

It was the best decision I have ever made, well, except for that time I married a Navy guy and that other time I added extra butter & sugar to the pecans toasting on my stove, but still…

Best. Decision. Ever.

I absorbed so much valuable info. in those few hours, I didn’t even need any of Willy Wonka’s Fizzy Lifting Drink, cuz ya’ll, I was flyin high!!!

And it was so much fun I did it again!

And there ain’t no “oops!” about that!

And guess what?

October 7th I’M DOING IT AGAIN!!!!!!

It’s just so darn fun!

I mentioned the dancing right?

And the pajama party?

Yeah, this things off the hook!

Hook rhymes with book, so that’s gotta be a good sign, right?


I’ve only had two cups of coffee today (so far), why do you ask?


So you’ve got lofty picture book writing goals too?

Then come on and join me here Picture Book Summit along with all the other fantabulous writers and presenters and let’s reach our writing goals together!

Where else can you learn from some of the industries best, watch editor and agent interviews, and have the chance to submit your pb manuscripts to participating agents and publishing house editors all from the comforts of your own home?

Nowhere, that’s where!

Seriously, this Summit is  like an everlasting gobstopper.

It just keeps on giving…..

I’m so giddy about October 7th, that I put together a couple of collections inspired by this golden-ticket event! check ’em out here Pinterest & here Polyvore.

I just can’t help myself.

See ya on the 7th!

“I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers”… Quick! Name that book!

Picture Book Summit

Looking for more?

Ok, ok. Head over here Zazzle  for more swag!

Or, if you’re feelin a bit chatty, use the reply box and we can talk about picture books, or PBSummit, or foxes, or the color orange, or why the bunnies wont quit using my flower garden for their reproduction needs! You know, whatever you want.

Picture Book Summit by thislittlebirdie featuring a blue mug

One Comment Add yours

  1. Jan Riley says:

    Excited for you, you deserve it!! Who knows this maybe the time we’ve been praying for 🤗❤️🤗❤️

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