FRIDAY FRENZY – I’ll Wait, Mr. panda

If there’s one thing being a children’s book author has taught me, it’s how to wait
And wait
And wait.
And wait some more.


But ya know what? Sometimes all that painful, excruciating, agonizing, and let’s be honest..diabolical waiting, turns out to be the most unexpected gift.


The gift of appreciation. And satisfaction.


You see, that sun ripened tomato doesn’t happen overnight, but when it finally does…boy howdy do I appreciate it!


Gorgeous flower blossoms don’t pop open the minute those tiny little seeds are lovingly planted in the dirt…though appreciation comes with every bouquet does it not?


Caterpillars don’t get their wings just because they think they are ready to fly…But fly they do!


Ever seen a beautiful mound of freshly kneaded dough instantly puff up into a buttery topped loaf of pure heaven? Yeah, me neither! But you and I both know the appreciation and satisfaction that eventually follows, am I right?


Waiting.  Appreciation. Satisfaction.



Penguins and pandas really are the best aren’t they? Add a few sprinkles and a plate of donuts and I’m all in!

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Want to make a girl feel appreciated…even satisfied?

Use that Reply box below and leave a comment, I’d love to hear from you!

Or don’t.

It’s not like I’ll be sitting around waiting or anything…


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