It’s About Time!

I finally did it.

I finally figured out how to update my blog….sort of.

It took a lot of patience…

And cursing…

And crying…

And temper tantrum throwing…

And wondering why in the heck I can’t understand techno talk! I mean, If I can raise four kids, move back and forth across the country for a Navy man, figure out IKEA instructions (Ya’ll know those are wordless with kindergarten pictures right?), get four kids at four different soccer practice locations while managing dinner, laundry, homework, orthodontist appt.’s (well almost, I did forget those TWO times, but seriously, who’s counting?), deal with a car that would rather be a jump-starter rather than turn key, then why in the pickadilly can’t I understand what the heck a widget is?

Widget. Bridget. Bridget Bardot. Dough? Bread. Bread baking. Baking-Yum! Yum? Cake.

It always comes back to cake doesn’t it?

Anyhow, the blog has been given a face lift, and hopefully it’ll be a bit easier to find things with a lot more candy for the eyes!


Remember that garden I was working on? Well, things have been progressing out there as well.

Want a looksie?

We started out like this. Not much to look at I know, but seriously, that was a lot of digging, and tilling, and staking…and Ugh! I feel achy and sweaty all over again!

Then things got a little bit better….


And right about now, things are starting to look pretty good…


I’m pleased with the progression, but I’ve still got much bigger plans for the future of this garden…wherever that may be!

Now let’s all just take a moment to cross our fingers and hope that the dahlia bulbs I planted many moons ago actually grace us with their blooms…Please, Oh! please, Oh! please, Oh! please, BLOOM for the love of Mama’s Fried Chicken, BLOOM already!!!!!!


That is all.







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