Ya’ll, I want a flower farm.

I’m going to have a flower farm.

Big or small, successful or not, I will have a flower farm.

Do I know anything about growing flowers?

Dirt. Water. Sun. Seed….. What else could I possibly need?

You’re rolling your eyes and chuckling at my lack of knowledge aren’t you?

Well….Poop! I’m going to need lots and lots of poop!

See? I know a little something about growing from the ground up!

Now, just where does one go to get a load of poop?

You’re right, this should get interesting!

For now, I’ll be planting on my small plot of land here in blissful suburbia….and then, who knows what I’ve got up my sleeve!

You want to know what I’ve got up my sleeve don’t ya?

Perhaps you should follow along and see how it goes..or doesn’t go. It’s going to go. At least I think it’s going to go. I hope it’s going to go. It’s going to go, right?

I’ll be posting here, hopefully weekly, to track my progress, and to take any advice or suggestions along the way.  Until then, I’m getting inspired by books such as Kevin Henkes’ Children’s Picture Book, MY GARDEN!

Crafty Moms Share: Summer Virtual Book Club for Kids--Kevin Henkes' My Garden:

It’s wonderful. It’s amazing. It’ll grow and grow on ya…and you don’t even need any poop!

Don’t forget to checkout my Pinterest Board here Pinterest with even more poop-less goodies!

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