FRIDAY FRENZY – The Napping House

I don’t know how it happened but a while back, Fall I think it was, I was in the laundry room digging around for all the dirty soccer gear and I’m pretty sure I was attacked by a mound of nappy socks, the kind of nappy socks that you take one whiff of and the next few months just flash before your eyes and then Bam! there you are,  different shirt, different sweatpants, because let’s face it, it is always about the sweatpants, digging once again for that wretched dirty soccer gear wondering where in the hollyhocks has the time gone and why are there always 5, 362 soccer shirts, soccer shorts, soccer under armor, soccer pennies, soccer short sleeve jersey’s, soccer long sleeve jersey’s, soccer no sleeve jersey’s on your laundry room floor!

Time warping  nappy socks….I oughta get a patent!

What does this have to do with Friday Frenzy?

Absolutely nothing.

But, let me just say, I love this book. LOVE IT!

Granny, child, dog, cat (this cat looks nice so I can deal, but cats in general are not my cup of tea. I had a cat once, she had retractable horns, which she did not retract…Ever! I have the scars to prove it. And yes, they are on my back, thanks for asking!), four poster bed, rainy night, sunny morning, cottage style house, flowers galore, tree swing, rainbows, pom pom slippers, I mean come on…what’s not to love?

Go ahead, grab this nap-tacular book, and get your read on!


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Cats or Dogs?

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