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Pumpkin Spice. Everything is pumpkin spice. Pumpkin spice latte, pumpkin spice pancakes, pumpkin spice candles, lotions, lip gloss, shampoo, dish soap, laundry detergent..ok, not yet, but you know they’re working on it!

That’s right folks, its officially Fall! The pumpkin spice is falling from the trees to prove it! And when it’s Fall, it’s time for a Halloweensie Contest! Susanna Leonard Hill’s 6th Annual Halloweensie Writing Contest to be exact!

100 words or less.

Written for children 12 & under.

Must use the words spider, ghost, moon.

Must clearly be a Halloween story.

Must eat handfulls of candy corn as you write. Not really, but really.

Count me IN!


(PB, WC 100)

By: Angela Hawkins

Gertrude is a hornless unicorn. And on Halloween night, hornless unicorns are stalked by big hairy yetis. Of course big hairy yetis frighten most hornless unicorns, but not Gertrude. Donning her best ghost costume, Gertrude waits beneath the haunting moon. Soon, Gertrude hears the grim grumbling of a hungry beast.“You can’t hide from me!” growls the big hairy yeti. “I see your tail!” Of course most hornless unicorns would have run away shrieking in terror, but not Gertrude. “You always win the first game!” exclaims Gertrude. “You hide next, but first, a scrumptious spider-chip cookie for my friend!”


Sooooo…what d’ya think? Yay or nay? Comments are greatly appreciated!

Take a peek at some other great stories and get all the details over on Susanna’s blog  Susanna Leonard Hill.

Now go grab yourself a pumpkin spice latte will ya? Heck, throw in a pumpkin spice doughnut too. After all, ’tis the season!pumpkin-vector-illustration-free-png-graphic-cave


  1. I love your characters & your use of costumes for hide-and-seek, Angela. Not sure I’m brave enough to try those spider cookies, though. Is it a recipe from the web?

  2. Love the concept of a hornless unicorn and a big hairy yeti being friends who play hide-n-seek on Halloween! What a fun idea, Angela! 🙂 And who could resist a spider-chip cookie?! 🙂 Thanks so much for joining in the Halloweensie fun!

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