FRIDAY FRENZY – Flashlight

I’m sure some of you are already relaxing by the pool, sipping your strawberry lemonade, enjoying the summer of 2016, while the rest of us are still trudging through the last couple weeks of school…

Ya’ll stink!

Only kidding….




Seriously, where is that rotten egg smell coming from?

Oh well, how about picking up a piece of summer in a book?  FLASHLIGHT, by Lizi Boyd, is just about one of the most creative pieces of work I’ve seen in a while…and a perfect summertime read!

One more week of school, and then summer here WE come!

Yes, you just keep sipping that frozen drink…Just remember, your house is already wearing the summertime kids are home I’ll never find the floor sand is great for the beach but not for my house why cant they just get along yes we have to wear clothes outside even though its hot enough to boil a monkeys bum what is that on the bathroom ceiling if that ice cream truck comes down this street one more time where in the heck is my 64 oz. coffee mug look……but mine?

Yeah, you’re right! Mine is ALWAYS wearing that look, but that’s beside the point…

You get back to your schedule free oasis, I’ll be over here planning out one last round of lunch pail lunches and gawking over these beautiful illustrations…


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