FRIDAY FRENZY – Bebe Goes Shopping


You guys…THIS book!

It has been a family favorite for years.

I love it!

Maybe it’s because I was born and raised in New Mexico and the Mexican culture was, and still is, an everyday part of life. Maybe it’s all the lively colors…I mean, HOLA! COLORS! Maybe it’s because rolling my tongue as I pronounce those friendly R’s is so dang fun! Or…maybe it’s because I secretly long to wear a fitted blue dress to the grocery store with my litter in tow and look just as fabulous as the chic Mama in this book!

Ha! Ha! Ha!  Can you imagine?


Whatever the reason, I’m hooked!


Couldn’t you just hang out in that yellow chair and eat dulces like, all day long?


Want to see more happy colors and a pair of green shoes that even I might give up a slice of cake for?

Why are you still here? Go! Go! Pinterest  Adios mis amigos!

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