FRIDAY FRENZY – Those Darn Squirrels!

If you’ve ever put seed out to feed the birds, you have more than likely also put seed out to feed the squirrels…am I right?

You have probably tried all sorts of gimmicks to stop those darn squirrels from eating all of that EXPENSIVE bird food…yes?

You might have tried the ‘ol amateur trick of setting out the squirrels their very own serving of treats…Sound familiar?

Perhaps you moved on to the addition of hot pepper to the much sought after feed, only to find that said squirrels rather like their seed spicy….no?

I’m sure you tried lying in wait and beating on the kitchen window next….you got laughed at didn’t you?

Bet your jaw hit the floor when the coveted squirrel proof bird feeder fed the squirrels huh?

You tried hurling ice cubes and shooting Nerf dart guns….And you didn’t even manage to hit fur once, and now you’re missing half your Nerf dart collection and half of your sanity!

But you probably didn’t have much of that left anyhow now did ya?

What am I gettin at?




You will not be sorry.

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