FRIDAY FRENZY – Tallulah’s Tutu

Once upon a time I took ballet. It was a thing of beauty. I was graceful. I was elegant.

I….must have been dreaming because graceful and elegant have NEVER been  words that describe the likes of moi!  No, the real beauty of my being in ballet was that after an hour of sheer torture I was allowed to head back to the gym next door where my real love was…on the gymnastics floor!

Yessirree I endured those ballet classes all for the love of standing on my hands and flipping on that balance beam. I LIVED for gymnastics.

Did I ever tell you that I spent a week (I was 10) training at Bela Karolyi’s gym? BELA KAROLYI!! And yes, I was in the same gym as Mary Lou Retton. MARY LOU RETTON!!

And you know what?

I had to take dance classes from Marta Karolyi…

You want to know something else?

Just because you take dance lessons from a legendary coach doesn’t mean you’re gonna become a prima ballerina (Unless of course you get points for every person you manage to kick/whack with your extremities; and if that’s the case…I WIN!), though you will however, gain a new respect for all those that dance on their toes with ease!

But enough about MY dancing skills, let’s get to Tallulah.

Nora adores Tallulah. I adore Tallulah. YOU will adore Tallulah.


Trust me on this one.

Remind me to tell you about my blazing feet of flames sometime. I might not be able to dance gracefully, but an Irish jig? Well….

Until then, head over here Pinterest for more balletic finds. And yes, that’s a word…I looked it up!

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