Woo-Hoo! It’s Friday, Friday Frenzy!


Real quick let’s play a game of Have You Ever? Sound like fun? Alright then, here we go…

  • Have you ever watched a teenager lick a slab of ice/snow up a glass front door?
  • Have you ever watched a 5yr. old sled down the stairs on her stomach head first…without a sled?
  • Have you ever found a piece of broken ceramic plate in your cupboard, but for the life of you couldn’t find what it broke off of?
  • Have you ever watched a group of young boys try to figure out if what they just pulled from their hair is a worm, a booger, or a piece of The Colonel’s chicken?
  • Have you wondered just who the heck wrote/imagined the English language? Seriously, if a kernel is a kernel then so is a Colonel, I mean Kernel!
  • Have you ever tried to pick dried Play-Doh out of berber carpet?
  • Have you ever heard your daughter airing your dirty laundry out during gymnastics class?
  • Have you ever had that new fandangled  Amazon voice echo system named Alexa tell you out of the blue that “The Starship has landed”?
  • Have you ever wondered how in the blazing heck does your dryer find one end of the drawstring on your new pair of comfy pants and twist it all to heck while it yanks the other end halfway through the hole..and now you’d have to drink like 40,000 cans of Slim Fast to fit into that stupid pair of comfy pants?
  • Have you ever just yanked that bless-ed drawstring right out of those comfy pants and helped yourself to that last piece of cheesecake sittin in the fridge?

You have?  Well dang, you must’ve had one heck of a week!

But seriously, Have You Ever Read GRANDPA GREEN by Lane Smith?

Grandpa Green

You’ll go completely teary eyed.


You’ll need a tissue….


Don’t say I didn’t warn  ya!

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Say that 5 x’s fast I dare you!

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