The Queen Speaks

Want to know what one of my favorite things is?

Well, YES cake is one of them, but….

Look at that stack! Ain’t it purty?

IMG_0889 (2)

So many things to love about that great stack!  I mean, have you read The Curious Garden and sat in awe at the inspiring illustrations?  How about Sam & Dave Dig A Hole? So wonderful you might find yourself awestruck by its complete brilliance! Little Owl’s Orange Scarf is perfect, lovely, sweet, perfect! Peggy makes me long for the country..and the city…and the country!  The Best Pet of All is one of my all time favorites…who would’ve thunk that a dragon would lead to the best pet of all?  And Mo Willems?  Forget. About. It.  This stack is full of awesomeness!!!

Speaking of awesomeness, I have been helping out with my kids elementary school reading program.  If you read to your goal, then I bake a treat and you get to celebrate with Minute To Win It games! Prizes?  Well duh, Books!

IMG_0905 (2) IMG_0902 (2) Of course we had to try out the games…there was absolutely no tasting of cake and icing…NONE!

IMG_0907 (2)

The challenge was to build the tallest tower in a minute.  I thought he was very creative…I would’ve never thought to build it that way.  Must’ve been that cake and icing….if there had in fact been any sampling going on…which there WASN’T!

Moving on…

What do you do when you’re standing in line at a book rummage sale and spot Rainbow Brite?  I did NOT leave my four year old standing in line to hold my place, well not for longer than 10 seconds anyhow!  I mean, come on..RAINBOW BRITE!

IMG_0925 (2)

Somebody else spotted some great finds too!

IMG_0923 (2)

Now Go Forth My Friends..

Get it? Go’s May fourth?

Yep!  You’re so glad you’ve chosen MY blog to read today aren’t ya?  I promise to keep my humor at bay from now on…just like I didn’t taste that cake!

Go Forth My Friends…and READ, READ, READ!

The Queen Has Spoken…


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