Post Card Fun!

You just finished off that last box of cereal, your trash is full, and the recycling doesn’t come for two more days….

What on earth do you do with that cereal box?

Well you send it to somebody else that’s what!

No, not the whole box silly…that would be weird!

But this is not weird.

IMG_0926 (2) - Copy

This is fun.  Practical.  Eco-Friendly. And a great way to send a little  “Hello” to someone special!

Homemade Postcards!

All you need is a pen/marker, ruler, scissors, and an empty cardboard box. *You can use any cracker, oatmeal, pasta, cereal, Pop Tarts etc. box*   To get your Picasso on, grab some inking stamps, stickers, crayons and/or markers and let your imagination GOOoooo….

IMG_0924 (2) - Copy

First things first!  Begin by marking and cutting your cardboard box into 4′ by 6′ rectangles.

Next, using your pen, draw a line just off  center to give you a left and a right side of the postcard. Use your ruler to make 4 equal lines on the right side of the rectangle. *This is where you’ll put the recipients name and address*

Now on the left side of the postcard you can get creative.

IMG_0927 Add a little, or add a lot. It’s really up to you!

I’m absolutely positive this will brighten someone’s day….and give you a reason to finish off those Froot Loops!

Now get going! Somewhere, somebody’s waiting for your masterpiece!

IMG_0928 (2)

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  1. She'z Crafty says:

    Well I know I have enough boxes around here. We will have to make these and send to our cousins 🙂

    1. Thanks for stopping by! I’m sure the cousins will love them!

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