Big Announcement…and tacos too!


Ya’ll know what today is?  Well, for starters it’s Friday October 3, 2014…NATIONAL TACO DAY!  And who doesn’t love a day that we celebrate a food that is eaten without utensils? This Mama LOVES those kind of days.  I mean, if no utensils are involved, then less clean up for me! WooHoo!  Less clean up AND no making lunches for school tomorrow!

Whatever will I do with my free time?  I suppose I could open up that new foot soaker/massager my boys got me for Christmas last year, though the box has become quite the statement piece in the bedroom…who doesn’t need a constant reminder that rest and relaxation is just a cardboard box away?

Oh wait! I know what I’ll do….

I’ll pull out that monster of a book, Written In My Own Heart’s Blood (Outlander, series 8, my most favorite adult series EVER!), and hop into bed early for a marathon night of reading.. (ie)laughing, crying, pining, disbelief, aggravation, more laughing, more disbelief..or should we say jaw dropping moments…although there are just as many book dropping moments as there are jaw dropping ones! You’ll know them as.. this book is so daggum big and heavy I should work out more to prevent the sleepy arm thing that causes the darned big and heavy book drop and ultimate face slam moments! Or, we could just call them Hazardous Outlander Reading Moments, right?  Anybody else know what I’m talking about?


I knew you would take off the minute you saw those tacos!

Oh hey!  You’re still here!  Glad to know it because I actually have bigger news than Taco Day! Guess what today is?

Oh right, we already did that….

Today is…. The official one month countdown to my first published children’s book!!!!

I am proud to announce that WIMBLEY THE WONDER BOY will publish November 3, 2014!  A. Month. From. TODAY!  ONE MONTH! 31 Days! 744 hours!  Forty four thousand, six hundred forty minutes!  Two million, six hundred seventy eight thousand, four hundred seconds….I think…I’m not that great at math…but who’s counting anyhow?

ME, that’s who!  Want a sneak peek?

Wimbley-CoverWhoa Wimbley, you look out of this world in that astronaut suit! And that martian…complete cuteness!

9 finalCan you stand it?  I know, I know…Calm down would ya?  I see a brown paper bag in your near (31 days) future!

Now, go get yourself  a calendar (grab a taco while you’re at it) and label November 3, 2014 as…..WIMBLEY THE WONDER BOY Day!  Trust me, you don’t want to miss this!

Happy Tacos!

*WIMBLEY THE WONDER BOY will be available for purchase online from Amazon, Barnes & Noble or from the Publisher Website

*Scrumptious taco photo was taken by my friend Bev, at BevCooks . Please take a minute..or two or three, to check out her site…you will NOT be sorry!


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