Look At Those Nails!

Ya’ll know what’s more fun than licking the icing beater?  Well nothing really, but for an almost 4 yr. old this is close!  Jamberry Nails!  The new nail wrap, nail art craze!


Seriously, just pull those babies out of the cute little package, find your hairdryer (I’m too cheap for the proper heater), and kindergarten scissors (House of 4 kids rememeber?), and you’re ready to get your Jamberry on!


Wow! They do look good don’t they?  And they have them in flowers, cutsie little clouds-n-raindrops, polka dots, forest friends, robots, puzzles, lions and tigers and bears oh my…sorry I got carried away!   Seriously, there are sooo many to choose from….It only took us 12 bazillion years to finally settle on the orchid skinny (stripes) and garden.


So stinkin cute!  The nails aren’t bad either!  Hey kid, get your finger outta your nose!


That’s right ya’ll!  Jamberry will leave you squealing with delight!  Did I mention they have confetti cake?  Oh me, oh my!

Want to try them out for yourselves?  Head over to  http://leslieriley.jamberrynails.net/?ref=leslieriley  and give ’em a go!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Leslie Riley says:

    I love catching up with your blog and hearing your stories! I very much appreciate the support!

  2. Gotta love those jamberry nails. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by my blog, Angie. Glad you enjoyed Tara’s interview.

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