There comes a time when you’ve given all you can give.

Summer 2014 1066

You’ve worked with what you’ve been given.

Summer 2014 1069

You’ve waited for what is needed.

Summer 2014 1045

And just when hope is drying up and on the verge of being gone forever..there it is.

Summer 2014 1039


Summer 2014 1052

Though it be what you’ve been looking for, searching for, longing for…it may still require a helping hand and a watchful eye.

Summer 2014 1053

Summer 2014 1041

It brings renewed strength, vibrant life, and above all else…HOPE.

Summer 2014 1030

My dreams, my words, my soul….I’m ready for a FLOOD!

These pictures were taken in Carlsbad New Mexico near the Pecos River. It is custom there to have properties flooded (irrigated) every few months. The waterways are opened and river water flows down the canals to be released to property owners through individual gates that must be opened in the canal. Ever heard of Pat Garrett…infamous for ending the life of Billy the Kid? He was actually a part of the Pecos River Reclamation Project that ultimately led to this canal network! Just goes to show….Where there’s a will, there’s a way!

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